An Unknown Maker

I do not know who made this table, but I just found a lil wood chip and recognized it as the missing leg! Today is an unknown maker day for #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop (and I guess it’s also leg day over here). I’ll bet someone out there has seen these gams before; do you know… Continue reading An Unknown Maker


Family Reunion

Day 18-Family Reunion Tweed Reed saw the family reunion prompt was coming up for #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop, so he invited his cousin Hunek to come by for a visit. He forgot to mention however, that every dollhouse is closed for renovations, so her accommodations would be less than ideal. Hunek does not mind sleeping on… Continue reading Family Reunion



Day 17-Childhood “Sittin' in a high chair, big chair, my chairSittin' in a high chair, bang my spoon!Sittin' in a high chair, big chair, my chairSittin' in a high chair, feed me soon!” If this sounds familiar to you, we have a shared childhood memory. The high chair is a new to me piece I… Continue reading Childhood


Work in Progress

Day 15- Work in Progress Today is work in progress day for #summerminifun hosted by @vintagedollhouseshop 💙 Tedious paint job in progress. Here is one of my current works in progress, which is progressing very slowly because I hadn’t decided to paint it until after I put it together 😅 What have you all been… Continue reading Work in Progress

My Personal Collection

My First Made Dolls

My babes. 🐷 🐈‍⬛ There was also a third bird doll who didn’t make it. Rest in pieces, Henrietta. 🐦 👻 I don’t remember exactly when I made these dolls; somewhere in between high school and Humboldt. That’s a good gap of time so my best guess is a range from 2006-2011. They have been… Continue reading My First Made Dolls


It’s in Hand

Day 13- It’s in Hand I once worked with an archaeologist who had an one-inch ruler tattooed on one finger, and a centimeter scale on another. Just in case they found something to photograph. We don’t always collect what we find, so that scale comes in handy later. Many minis in hand today for day… Continue reading It’s in Hand


A Miniature Vacation

Day 12- Vacation Miniature postcards from @winchestermysteryhouse 🏠 Today is vacation day for #summerminifun hosted by @vintagedollhouseshop and while it may be a while before my next vacation, I’ve got some mini souvenirs here now so I can mentally travel back where I’ve been. I bought this miniature postcard pack during a grad school spring… Continue reading A Miniature Vacation


Behind the Scenes

Today is day 11 of #summerminifun hosted by @vintagedollhouseshop and oh my goodness it’s been so inspiring to see everyone’s spaces and faces! I don’t have a permanent work space set up yet; but I’ve got some great ideas for what it cools look like thanks to all of you who have posted 🥰 My… Continue reading Behind the Scenes

My Dollhouse Projects, News


Housewarming gifts 🏠❤️ It’s repurposed or rescued day for #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop so I thought it would be a good day to wander over to the craft store for some dollhouse fixings. I am still torn about leaving the wallpaper in the Plumbrook Cottage. I want to keep it original, but may have to sacrifice… Continue reading Housewarming


Repurposed or Rescued

Day 10- Repurposed or Rescued Actual footage of me swiping through photos on the Craigslist post for my latest house find. Do you recognize anyone? The house and most of these minis have found their new home in my collection; and a few of them have found new homes with some of you! ❤️… Continue reading Repurposed or Rescued