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My Miniature Library Kits

Hello, Dollhouse and Miniature Enthusiasts! I want to share a couple of super cute kits I found on Amazon for making miniature books. These pre-printed books are 1.5 inches tall, and are fully readable! My Miniature Library is a set of 30 assorted books, from fairy tales to natural resources. My Fairy Library is… Continue reading My Miniature Library Kits

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Creating the Overlook Nook

I made an overlook Hotel Inspired set of furniture for the Stephen King fan in my life (my sister). I held off on sharing the process for a while, so it would be a surprise, but now that the gift has been given I’ve given the gift away, I wanted to share. Here's How… Continue reading Creating the Overlook Nook

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How I’m Keeping Track of My Dollhouse Projects

Confession: I’ve got a few too many dollhouse projects going on. I find it’s comforting to have a stash of perpetual projects I can sink myself into, but it also feels good to finish some once in a while too. I love planning and design, and I’ve made a few customized planning and tracking pages for… Continue reading How I’m Keeping Track of My Dollhouse Projects

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Glow up for a Mini Chair

Sometimes, when I acquire doll houses there are miniatures inside that need some love. I saw this chair and love the shape, but she needed a spa day. I’ve repainted mini Miniatures, but this was my first time completely breaking down and rebuilding a handmade vintage baby. For those of you who have been doing… Continue reading Glow up for a Mini Chair

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Welcome to My Castle Dollhouse

This is just a quick post to share the before pictures and some plans for this wooden art mines castle hi picked up. There are a couple of small cracks, and the paint job is halfway done with blue tape included, but my goal is to turn it into a three dimensional vision board. I… Continue reading Welcome to My Castle Dollhouse

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Research before Renovations

I am continuing on with the planning for the renovations for Plumbrook cottage. My biggest focus so far has been on doing the research before starting any renovations. I had ordered the Plumbrook plan book and that came in, so I’ve been skimming through it to get a better idea of what the house bones… Continue reading Research before Renovations

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A Summer Celebration for the Miniature Community!

Come and join the celebration on Instagram to celebrate Vintage Dollhouse Shop's 2 year anniversary and get to know and grow the miniature community! Recently, I've found myself connected with a huge community of miniaturists online. I feel so grateful to have found such a welcoming community, and I enjoy learning about all of the… Continue reading A Summer Celebration for the Miniature Community!