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How I’m Keeping Track of My Dollhouse Projects

Confession: I’ve got a few too many dollhouse projects going on. I find it’s comforting to have a stash of perpetual projects I can sink myself into, but it also feels good to finish some once in a while too. I love planning and design, and I’ve made a few customized planning and tracking pages for… Continue reading How I’m Keeping Track of My Dollhouse Projects

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Housewarming gifts 🏠❤️ It’s repurposed or rescued day for #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop so I thought it would be a good day to wander over to the craft store for some dollhouse fixings. I am still torn about leaving the wallpaper in the Plumbrook Cottage. I want to keep it original, but may have to sacrifice… Continue reading Housewarming

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We Have a New House to Call Home!

I haven’t said much about it yet, because I’ve been pretty busy with my internship with Vintage Dollhouse Shop and SummerMiniFun; but I found another Dollhouse that was looking for a new home, and I’ve made her mine! Mind you, this is not long after I brought home the Plumbrook Cottage and started working on… Continue reading We Have a New House to Call Home!

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Summer Mini Fun Giveaways

Today marks the second day of the #SummerMiniFun event on Instagram, hosted by Vintage Dollhouse Shop. The prompt for day one was who lives in your doll house, and it’s been so fun going through everyone’s posts and seeing not only what other people collect, but learning why they collect. Yesterday was also the first… Continue reading Summer Mini Fun Giveaways

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A Summer Celebration for the Miniature Community!

Come and join the celebration on Instagram to celebrate Vintage Dollhouse Shop's 2 year anniversary and get to know and grow the miniature community! Recently, I've found myself connected with a huge community of miniaturists online. I feel so grateful to have found such a welcoming community, and I enjoy learning about all of the… Continue reading A Summer Celebration for the Miniature Community!

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My Digital Dollhouse

Hello everyone, and welcome to my dollhouse blog. I just picked up my first big dollhouse for restoration, and I'll be using this blog to document my progress on that project. I will also do my best to curate and collect the community connections and resources I find to help me in this endeavor. I… Continue reading My Digital Dollhouse