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How I’m Keeping Track of My Dollhouse Projects

Confession: I’ve got a few too many dollhouse projects going on. I find it’s comforting to have a stash of perpetual projects I can sink myself into, but it also feels good to finish some once in a while too. I love planning and design, and I’ve made a few customized planning and tracking pages for many different projects over the years, so why not apply it to my dollhouse projects? 

I wanted to create a system that provided structure and tracking and a place to reflect on what I’ve done. I thought this would be a fun way to keep track of my projects and have a bit of a story archive for each house. 

The System

Individual Project pages

These pages provide a place to record more details on each project or work session.

These pages include:

  • Project Details
  • Project Diary
  • Sketch Space

Overview pages

I designed these pages to keep an ongoing log of all dollhouse project activities. 

These pages include:

  • Meet my Projects
  • Master To-Do List
  • Housework Log
  • Shopping List

Video Walkthrough

You can see more details of each page in this walkthrough video. 

Now Available for Download on My Ko-fi Page!

If you want to take this system and use it for yourself, I’ve got great news. I’ve made the pages available to download on my new ko-fi page.

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