Christmas in July

Throughout July, I am participating in the #SummerMiniFun event on Instagram, hosted by Vintage Dollhouse Shop. I’ll be sharing my posts here on this blog, so I can have an archive to look back on.

Day 25-Christmas in July

Faded Christmas Bear is my Copilot 🐻

It’s Christmas in July for #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop, and I’ve got another story to share.

Ambitious me landed a full-time field work gig just after graduation. I think I got a full two weeks back at home with family before pulling my roots back up for a road trip to become an archaeology field technician.

College got me well prepared for the expected workload, but my sweat pants were not going to cut it for a career of full-time fieldwork.

During my first week in Mt. Shasta, California, I took a trip to a local thrift shop and found most of my first field clothes at a local second hand shop.

When I reached the register, I saw this small bear in a Santa hat and had to have him. A calling, if you will.

I am screaming internally and casually attempting to slip this little bear nonchalantly into a pile of clothing that has nothing to do with his jolly existence. I could justify the payment for work attire, but buying a mini Christmas hat pin bear in June? It felt kind of frivolous.

As the cashier raised Christmas Bear to mark his price in the register; she paused. She gazed at the bear for a moment, then looked me in the eyes and said, “If anyone ever gives you any trouble about this adorable bear, you just tell them that the spirit of Christmas lasts all year long.“

Many years, many cars, and many adventures later; Christmas Bear has lasted through them all. I think that cashier may have been onto something.. 😉

Here’s a view from under Plumbrook Cottage.. I wonder when they first started building to finish in time for Christmas 🎁 ❤️

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