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Summer Reading-Bonus Serendipity Story

A second posting and a story of serendipity for summer reading day of #summerminifun.

Near the end of May, I found this dollhouse book in a bunch of free craft books. I remember taking a picture of it, but I posted a picture of some miniature collector magazines on @treasurehuntingfever instead. But I remember flipping through and getting hella excited about the thought of finally having space for a dollhouse.

Exactly 2 weeks later, I found a dollhouse at an estate sale and brought it home. That was also when I fist connected with @vintagedollhouseshop on Instagram and I got so excited about the upcoming #summerminifun I completely missed the serendipity smacking me in the face.

I joined in on Stacey’s Instagram live for a behind the scenes tour of their Katz House, and it finally clicked why it was all so familiar.. 🏠

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