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We Have a New House to Call Home!

I haven’t said much about it yet, because I’ve been pretty busy with my internship with Vintage Dollhouse Shop and SummerMiniFun; but I found another Dollhouse that was looking for a new home, and I’ve made her mine!

Mind you, this is not long after I brought home the Plumbrook Cottage and started working on a smaller Artminds Castle that I found on Facebook marketplace.

So no, I probably shouldn’t have been looking for another project house, but I love the process of finding new homes for vintage miniatures, and the collection inside of the house caught my eye as well.

Acquiring a full mini estate feels so special to me. And this time, I didn’t just pick up a house, but I got to meet Ellie, the person who had worked on it for years. As Elli and I cleared each room into storage boxes, I felt so grateful to be the next person trusted with caring for collection and finding others to care for it. I thought it’s only appropriate to name the house Elli, in their honor.

As you may have read in the second progress report for the Plumbrook Cottage, I am not planning to change too much on the house except for reinforcing and repairing some where in tear from over the years.

Ellie will be more of a renovation project, and I hope you’re planning to stick around, because we will be redoing all nine rooms along with exterior renovations.

Thank you for being here.

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