Grilling and Chilling

Throughout July, I am participating in the #SummerMiniFun event on Instagram, hosted by Vintage Dollhouse Shop. I’ll be sharing my posts here on this blog, so I can have an archive to look back on.

Day 4-Grilling and Chilling

I’ve been wanting to sit and chill by the fire, but it’s summer and I live in Southern California, so that’s not happening anytime soon.

It’s hot, but Wee Sarah Winchester is chilling

Chilling vicariously through Wee Sarah Winchester on day 4 of #summerminifun hosted by @vintagedollhouseshop with this post inspired by the grilling and chilling prompt🔥

Might there be a giveaway hint in this picture? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

We’re just getting started with #summerminifun and all are welcome to join. Visit @vintagedollhouseshop for all of the up to date details throughout July ❤️

If you’d like to join in on the fun too, check out this post for more information and visit Vintage Dollhouse shop on Etsy and Instagram.

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