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Research before Renovations

I am continuing on with the planning for the renovations for Plumbrook cottage.

My biggest focus so far has been on doing the research before starting any renovations. I had ordered the Plumbrook plan book and that came in, so I’ve been skimming through it to get a better idea of what the house bones are like.

I don’t think there will be too many repairs and renovations on this house. I really dig the look of the wallpaper, it’s faded and torn but original and I think that aesthetic is irreplaceable.

I’m not trying to be too ambitious with this house, especially since it is in originally built years ago, I’d like to preserve it more than change it.

So far, my plan for this house is:

  • Repair the porch railings
  • Reinforce and replace the roof and the shingles
  • New floor coverings
  • Reglue the walls
  • Refresh exterior paint and trim

Yellow is my favorite color, so I will keep that for the exterior in some shade. I do have a big theme in mind for the interior, and keeping the old wallpaper should work just fine.

Thank you for being here.

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