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A Summer Celebration for the Miniature Community!

Come and join the celebration on Instagram to celebrate Vintage Dollhouse Shop‘s 2 year anniversary and get to know and grow the miniature community!

Recently, I’ve found myself connected with a huge community of miniaturists online. I feel so grateful to have found such a welcoming community, and I enjoy learning about all of the vastly different humans who are drawn together by our mutual love of miniatures. I am excited to share this opportunity for you to find this feeling of connection and celebration too!

How to Participate

Vintage Dollhouse Shop has created a list of prompts; one for each day in July. To join the celebration, all you have to do it use these prompts to inspire your posts; whether it be miniatures or some thing else from your life. You don’t need to own a dollhouse, nor do you need to commit to posting everyday to join. Post as many days as you feel inspired! Remember to tag @VintageDollhouseShop in your posts, and use include the #Summerminifun hashtag in your caption so we can find each other.

#Summerminifun Prompts

Prompts for SummerMiniFun Hosted by Vintage Dollhouse Shop

Here is the list in text form, if you prefer for your planning.

  1. Who lives in the doll house?
  2. White and blue
  3. Porch and patio
  4. Grilling and chilling
  5. Flat lay
  6. A favorite chair
  7. Wooden
  8. Grow and bloom
  9. Entertaining
  10. Repurposed or rescued
  11. Behind the scenes
  12. Vacation
  13. It’s in hand
  14. A little nook
  15. Work in progress
  16. For the birds
  17. Childhood
  18. Family reunion
  19. An unknown maker
  20. Just like grandmas
  21. A curiosity
  22. Summer reading
  23. A small business
  24. Beach and Coast
  25. Christmas in July
  26. All lit up
  27. Stitched
  28. Summer bounty
  29. The great outdoors
  30. Tasty fare
  31. Self-care Saturday


Did I mention there will be giveaways?!

Along with Vintage Dollhouse Shop, there are several sponsors, including me here at My Digital Dollhouse, who will be hosting giveaways on their pages as a part of this event. I’ll share more information about that here for you soon.

I can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful people out there who share in the love of connecting through dollhouses and miniatures.

Will you be joining in too?

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