My Dollhouse Projects, Plumbrook Cottage

Welcome to My Plumbrook Cottage Dollhouse

Welcome Home!

Welcome to the first progress report for my latest dollhouse restoration project. This post documents my first steps of identification and inspection on the house, so I can craft a plan for what comes next.

The Beginning

My first step was to get the dollhouse out of my trunk and onto a worktable. I carefully cleared out the furniture in treasures that were inside. I brought the miniature hoard inside to sort. I chose a few treasures to keep and I also listed some for you to shop through in my eBay shop.

From trunk to table

I started to take a few before photos and realized this house is too good a muse, so I decided to capture some clips as well and use this moment to practice my video editing. I love blogging and digital media arts, and it is easy to find inspiration when I dig my subjects too.

Walkthrough an abandoned dollhouse

Move-in and Inspection day

Bringing the dollhouse inside was a bit of an awkward experience. The house is not very heavy overall, but it took some crafty maneuvering and assistance from home fitness equipment to complete this task on my own. I am a tool-using human, hear me roar.

Once I got the house close enough to an outlet, I tested the lights. Two bulbs lit up, but it will take a much deeper inspection before I know how many will work in all.

Walls and floors down

How I Identified My Dollhouse

I know very little about dollhouse identification, and all I had to use for research was the architecture descriptions and a Merry Christmas message from 1979 written underneath the house. I knew there would be someone out there who recognized my house, or could tell me more.

I took to the internet to search for similar styles of dollhouses, to see if mine may have come from a kit and I also joined the Dollhouse Identification and Miniatures group on Facebook, and made a post hoping to identify the house in there.

After a few days of research and comparing to many contenders, I was beginning to think it was a custom-built house with no match for me to research and find. But then I received a comment with a photograph snapped from a member’s personal collection of catalogs. There was my Victorian-style Farm House, pictured in a listing for the construction plans and instructions for building.

I was lucky to find a copy of the plans available for purchase online, so when I renovate this cottage I can have the best reference possible.

The Greatest Challenge So Far

So far, my biggest challenge with this project has nothing to do with the house itself and more to do with my curious roommate.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I recently joined the Cats in Dollhouse group on Facebook, and I knew it was only a matter of time until Domino joined in on the fun too. His curious nature comes in handy for tasks like pulling off the porch railings, but I don’t want to encourage him to move in. Wish me luck on that endeavor.

Just as I suspected; ghosts in the attic.

That is all I’ve got for this first update. I can’t wait to get more of my plans going for this project. I already know I will be shopping for new floor coverings and wallpapers, although I kind of like the current faded situation. I will also be repairing the porch and reinforcing the roof before I repaint the exterior.

It’s a lot of lists and ideas to keep track of, but I like to plan so I think that’s part of the fun. If you have a good way to keep track of your dollhouse projects, please let me know!

Thank you for being here.

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